1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)
1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)
1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)
1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)
1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)
1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)

1. The Burgundy Line (Hoodie)

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14 oz. Unisex 80/20 Cotton/Polyester pullover hoodie.

”Welcome Aboard: The Burgundy Line. Next Stop: Prosperity”

Sun Logo on sleeve. 

Color Variations: Black, Green

Custom Burgundy Collection tag.

“Taking the train has been my portal to embodying patience & endless perspective.  
When you examine everyone on the train, everyone has a different story, but most of us have 1 thing in common: We get on that train everyday with hopes that one day we won’t have to. 
But until then, there’s a reason you’re on that train.

The journey will be uncomfortable & dirty at times.  
There will be negative energy on each side of you that you become an expert at ignoring, there will be everlasting positive exchanges with strangers that you’ll never see again, and there will be many stops that give you the opportunity to get off early, never getting where you planned on going. 
At each of those stops, people will leave, new people will appear, and there will be those that started with you remaining by your side.

The Burgundy Line is heading towards Prosperity. 
Further than you can imagine; there are no limits to where it can go. 
But Prosperity cannot be reached nor appreciated without the journey. Because It is the journey.  
There’s no end. Just states of reflection. 
The further you go, the more you realize there is further to go. 
But unlike every other train, once it hits Prosperity, the Burgundy Line never goes back. 
It’s up to you to get on.

Prosperity is not exclusive to money & material possessions, but the flow state of thriving, flourishing & continuously evolving. 
It is spiritual, mental, & material. 
To be prosperous is to be fruitful, abundant, & consistent once you start moving in your purpose. To be successful in the path that chose you. 
& success is only defined by you.

- Thomas Burgundy