5. MLK Durag Button
5. MLK Durag Button

5. MLK Durag Button

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2.5 glossy button

Since the first time I saw that image of Martin Luther King jr with a durag, it's been a lifetime mood

For so many reasons.

though "I have a dream" is fire, and the non violent approach to civil rights was poppin in its respects, King stood for so much more than what is constantly being pushed & idealized. 

Once he started openly speaking out against the Vietnam war, talkin bout redistributing power & wealth and how evil capitalism became, and standing for the lower class; and as we know, fighting institutional racism & essentially pointing out how trash the social and economic structure of America was at the time (and we know in some aspects is still the same, where's the lie?) then that's when they had a problem with him.

Peaceful protests make a statement, but he said "a riot is the language of the unheard" and proceeded to clearly express what America wasn't hearing.

Certain things are okay to talk about, but once you dive deeper & become a threat to their money, then they gone put a stop to it.

So what I love about this image is the idea of not conforming to respectability politics. 

Not being one of "the respectable black people" you know, "the non ghetto" ones that corporate America tells you is appropriate in order to succeed.

Because we all know, respectability won't save you when it comes down to it.

Of course I'm digressing, but The Durag is sacred; the $2 crown is a portal to all things smooth & finesse for the black man. A behind the scenes symbol for black excellence.

and though it's been criminalized, and our momma's ain't letting us walk out the house with it, when you do, it doesn't change who you are, or how important you are, or the things you can accomplish. 

You don't have to fit a certain image they want you to portray, that is safe to their agenda, to make any type of change, or just live your life. .

This photo also symbolizes the ground work we be putting in, that doesn't involve a spotlight so no need to dress up, we been out here, doing us, being us, and nobody telling us nothing. Stay wavy. It's never that serious.