Burgundy is a mindset. 
Burgundy represents prosperity.  
Prosperity is not exclusive to money & material possessions, but the flow state of thriving, flourishing & continuously evolving.  
To be prosperous is to be successful in any path that you choose, and success is only defined by the individual.  
In ancient times, to be prosperous was to make it from one destination to another safely & in good health. 
Where’s your next destination?  
Burgundy is overcoming any obstacle, or any illusion of limitation in your way. 
Burgundy is determined ambition, persistence, and fearlessness once you’ve found your purpose. 
Wether it's visible or not, it's in the mind.  
It’s ALL in your mind.  
The power has always lied within you; the world didn’t give it, the world can’t take it away.  
Burgundy realizes everything falls under God's will, & blessings will come to you, but most of what you desire is waiting for you to go out and get it.  
Most importantly, Burgundy is love.  
Burgundy is self love, loving one another, and doing what you love.

-Thomas Burgundy

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